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QIGONG is a special form of meditation! 

with the help of which we combine the subconscious and consciousness, we communicate with nature!

Qigong Course

for adults at the "Lin-qi" School
Svetlana Vezhnovets
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What is Static Qigong?

Qigong is a system of managing our body, internal states, experiences and emotions, treating and maintaining the body in good shape.

With the help of this system, we begin to understand ourselves, other people, and nature better.

We develop intuition, increase attentiveness, expand consciousness and, as a result, it becomes easier for us to do several things at the same time.

Memory is strengthened, and it gets better over the years. A person who owns qigong becomes more calm and harmonious.

He begins to realize life, his place in the world. Accept life as it is and make it better for yourself and the people around you.

What is planetary practice? Planetary practice helps to understand your connection with the Cosmos as an absolutely indisputable truth, and not something abstract! 

What methods does Qigong use? When should I study?

First, you need to learn some basics and learn safety techniques. After that, the exercises are performed in their free time, some can be performed simultaneously with other tasks.

Meditative actions, studying the movement of energy through the body, cleaning channels and meridians, changing the energy structure, activating energy centers, mental efforts with which it becomes possible to treat various ailments and diseases.

The entire course is designed in such a way that practitioners gradually learn qigong from simple to complex. But they did not memorize the exercises, but had an intuitive understanding of the processes in the body, understood what it needs at the moment. And what exercises can help exactly in your condition, and right now.

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Qigong classes are conducted by Instructor Svetlana Vezhnovets
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The author of a unique teaching methodology.

more than 10 years of teaching Qigong.

She studied Qigong in China, Thailand, and Egypt.

Author of the Qigong Planetary practice

more than 20 years of personal Qigong practice.

Personal disciple of Master Xu Mingtang.

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What does Qigong training give?

for the body

for sleeping

95% of practitioners note a good and deep sleep after the first practices

They will restore health, make the body strong, strong and resistant to diseases

for success

They will allow you to take the first step towards your dream and implement important plans. Successful people are more aware of this, which allows them to achieve their goals.

Qigong Classes

for communication

The development of internal energy will give you wonderful acquaintances. A person who lives in harmony with himself is always surrounded by good people and friends.

for life

They will boost the energy that attracts success in business, self-development and other endeavors.

for the soul

They will improve your mood, give you a feeling of happiness, calmness and peace. And happy people attract good luck and success.

for beauty

They will stop time and preserve your natural beauty. Qigong practitioners look younger than their years.

for work

They will provide energy, increase efficiency, strengthen resistance to stress.

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for adults at the Lin-qi School
Recruitment to groups via Skype for beginners:
1. Group of the first year of training of energy practices.
- classes are held once a week on Sundays;
- learning from simple to complex;
- homework assignments;
- subscription for 1 month (4 classes lasting 1.5 hours) -30 euros.

2. The group is the second year of training.
- classes are held once a week on Sundays;
- continuing the study of qigong;
subscription 1 month (4 classes lasting 1.5 hours)- 40 euros.

3. Group for women.
- classes are held once a week on Saturdays;
- study of women's energy practices;
- homework assignments;
subscription for 1 month (4 classes lasting 1.5 hours) - 40 euros.

4. Group of in-depth study of energy practices.
- classes are held 2 times a week on Wednesday and Friday (evening);
- subscription for 1 month (8 classes lasting 1.5 hours) - 50 euros.

5. Instructor courses are CLOSED.
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